Since COUG was founded in 2002, between attendance at large events and individual visits to schools, libraries, nursing homes, and etc. our members have presented thousands upon thousands of hours of informative 1st Person programs on the History of the American Civil War to young and old alike …all at our own expense.

However, as you can imagine, out-of-pocket expenses for liability insurance and event registrations, coupled with equipment maintenance, repair, and replacement is quickly exceeded the dues our members contribute.

Additionally, the cost to provide a presentation tent with seating for 150 spectators, and the required public sanitary facilities at our annual multi-day encampment at Unity Park in Gettysburg during the Anniversary Reenactment Weekend, is now beyond our ability to cover. Therefore, this event can only be staged through financial support from the Civil War community and other stake holders.

The bottom line is, if we are to continue to offer to the public at large, the true, unfiltered, and unabridged story of our Nation’s darkest hour we need help from people like you who know the importance of preserving our shared history.

The drop-down box on this page offers several donation options. In return, you will receive a *personalized, frameable 11” x 17” historically accurate parchment recreation of a Civil War Union Officers Commission in your name and commensurate with the level of your contribution, signed by both Secretary of War Stanton and President Lincoln.

So, please considering helping us. We really can’t continue do this without you!

Lastly, since COUG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, your contribution is tax deductible.

* Please note: The commission you receive will be issued in the name/sex of the individual making the donation. If you wish to have it issued in the name of another person, please contact us at before making a donation or by entering the information in the PayPal order form.

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